Anybody who has sewn menswear knows that pattern options are few and far between. I recently set out to make some t-shirts for my husband, and I realized that even simple designs are no exception! Surely, there must be some good t-shirt patterns for men, right?

Well, not if you’re looking for one pattern to meet all of your needs.

Men's T-Shirt Patterns Complete Roundup

For the ladies, The Union St. Tee from Hey June Handmade is a great example of the perfect t-shirt pattern, IMO. It comes with three different neck lines, four sleeve length options, and an optional pocket. Yes, it’s $10 – but you shouldn’t have to purchase another t shirt pattern again.

I had no such luck finding a pattern that was quite as versatile for men. It wasn’t until I was a dozen internet tabs deep that I realized I’m probably not the only one spending a bunch of time hunting for the “perfect” men’s t-shirt pattern. Or at least trying to sort through the various options to figure out which one you really need.

With that in mind, I’ve rounded up every men’s t-shirt pattern I could find, including their cost, size range, and view options. I’m hoping that this list will serve as a quick reference for myself and others when looking for specific design features or price points.

For simplicity (and quality’s) sake, I’ve only included patterns that were produced by design companies. I’ve left out any draft-it-yourself tutorials, patterns produced by magazines, and patterns created by bloggers who aren’t otherwise pattern designers. I’ve also broken out raglan tee-shirts into a separate list below.

Prices are for PDF patterns only. Measurements indicated below are for the Chest – for more detailed sizing info click the link to check websites directly.

Standard Tee Shirts

Sage Tee Pattern

Sage Tee from Elbe Textiles
Price: Free Updated PDF and price coming soon.
Sizing: A-H (34 – 48in / 87 – 122cm)
Style: Crew neck, short sleeves. Relaxed fit.
Thoughts: For a basic tee with no pocket, this seems like a good option. ETA: Elbe Textiles has announced that they are currently updating this pattern and will be re-releasing it.

ABB Men's Tee Pattern

Anything But Basic Men’s Tee from DIBY Club
Price: Free
Sizing: 34 – 48 in / 86.4 – 121.9 cm
Style: Crew neck. Short, 3/4 or long sleeves.
Thoughts: No finished garment measurements that I could find, but this pattern includes a long sleeve option and the reviews are positive.

M6973 McCalls Pattern

M6973 from McCall’s
Price: $2 USD on sale ($19 USD full price)
Sizing: S-XXXL (34 – 56 in / 86 – 142 cm)
Style: No sleeve tank, short sleeve henley placket with pocket, and elasticated-waist shorts.
Thoughts: A solid collection of simple patterns. Because Big 4 patterns include so much ease and sizing starts at 34″, this might not be the best option for a slender man.

Westbrook Pattern

The Westbook from Sew Sew Def Patterns by Mimi G
Price: $3 USD
Sizing: XS-XXL (35 – 45 in / 90 – 115 cm)
Style: Crew neckline, two sleeve and body length options. Pocket!
Thoughts: Okay this one is pretty fun, especially for $3. The colorblocking is cool and it might work well for knit scrap busting. The size range is a little limited, though.

Men's Basic Tee Pattern

Men’s Basic Tee from Ellie and Mac
Price: $4 USD
Sizing: XS-5XL (32 – 60 in / 81 – 152 cm)
Style: Crew neck. Short or long sleeves. Color block option (although honestly, this is easy to hack).
Thoughts: This pattern runs large. Views are basic but it’s inexpensive.

Thimble T Pattern

Thimble-T (Him) from My Golden Thimble
Price: $7 USD
Sizing: 34 – 56 in / 86 – 142 cm)
Style: Crew neck. Short or no sleeves. Multiple color block options.
Thoughts: This is a fun one if you are into color blocking and don’t want to hack a pattern yourself. Otherwise, I think you could manage with other patterns.

Longboard T Shirt Pattern

Longboard T-Shirt from Made by Jack’s Mum
Price: £6.00 GBP (approx. $7 USD)
Sizing: XXS – 5XL (30 – 54 in / 76 – 138 cm)
Style: Crew neck. Short or long sleeves. Curved hem option.
Thoughts: This is the only pattern with a curved hem option (only available for the extra long length, but should be easy to hack if you’re shorter).

K3878 Sewing Pattern

K3878 from Kwik Sew
Price: $8 USD on sale ($12 USD full price)
Sizing: S-XXL (34 – 52 in / 86 – 132 cm)
Style: Crew or v-neck. Short or long sleeve options.
Thoughts: The cost of this pattern is a little high for so few view options. However it recommends fabric with only 25% stretch (while many recommend 50%), so it could be a good choice for more stable knits.

Basic Men's Tee Pattern

The Basic Men’s Tee from Patterns for Pirates
Price: $9 USD
Sizing: XXS-XXXL (32 – 52 in / 81 – 132 cm)
Style: Crew neck or V neck. Short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, or long sleeves with cuff option. Short, average, or tall lengths. Includes both men and boy’s styling.
Thoughts: No pocket, but I appreciate the neckline and sleeve options. The height options are the main differentiater for this pattern (easy to hack TBH but could be convenient).

Milor Men's Tee Pattern

MILOR Men’s Tee from I Am Patterns
Price: 8.25€ (approx. $9 USD)
Sizing: XS-XXL (35 – 43 in / 89 – 109 cm)
Style: Crew neck, long sleeves.
Thoughts: Limited sizing and only one view. For the price tag, I’d opt for something else.

Men's Rocky Tee Pattern

Men’s Rocky Tee from 5 Out of 4 Patterns
Price: $10 USD
Sizing: XXS-5XL (27 – 63 in / 69 – 160 cm)
Style: Crew neck or V neck. No sleeve, short sleeve, or long sleeve with cuff options. Pocket and thumbhole options.
Thoughts: WE HAVE A POCKET, PEOPLE! This pattern has a nice variety of options, and the widest size range (small and large). I’ve purchased this pattern and while the instructions could be better, the variety of pattern options is hard to beat.

Men's T Shirt Pattern from Jalie

Boys’ and Men’s T-Shirts from Jalie Sewing Patterns
Price: $13 CAD (approx. $9 USD)
Sizing: Boys (22 – 32 in / 56 – 81 cm) Men (33 – 50 in / 84 – 127 cm)
Style: Crew neck or V neck. Short sleeve, long sleeve, or double-layed sleeves. Includes both men and boy’s sizes.
Thoughts: No pocket, otherwise a strong contender. If you are interested in boy’s sizing or like the double layer sleeve, this is the best option.

Metro Tshirt Pattern

Men’s Metro T-Shirt from Liesl + Co
Price: $10 USD
Sizing: XS – XXL (32 – 49 in, 81 – 125 cm)
Style: Crew neck, short sleeves or long sleeves. Slim fit.
Thoughts: Honestly I think this one is over-priced. Ten dollars is steep for essentially one view (two sleeve lengths barely counts). However the reviews are positive and people seem to like the slimmer fit.

Jackson Tee and Pullover
Price: $14 USD
Sizing: 0-34 (31 – 60 in, 78.5 – 152.5 cm)
Style: Crew neck, short sleeves, and drop shoulder. Includes long-sleeved pullover view.
Thoughts: A great size range and gender neutral option. More expensive than some other options, but Helen is known for her great instruction and you can trust the drafting. This would be an especially good option for a beginner who’s new to sewing with knits.

Strathcona Henley Tee Pattern

Strathcona Henley Tee from Thread Theory Designs
Price: $15 CAD (approx. $11 USD)
Sizing: XS – XL (34 – 44 in, 86 – 91 cm)
Style: Crew neck, short sleeves or long sleeves with cuff. Optional henley placket.
Thoughts: If you want a long-sleeved henley placket this is your best bet. If you don’t care about the placket option, there are less expensive basic tee options.

Raglan Tee Shirts

Sunday V Neck Pattern

Sunday V Neck from Friday Pattern Co
Price: Free
Sizing: XS – 4XL (32 – 54 in, 81 – 137 cm)
Style: V neck, short sleeves.
Thoughts: Yay for free patterns! A solid option. The seam allowance is 5/8″ so keep that in mind if you plan to sew on a serger.

S8613 Pattern

S8613 Men’s Knit Top from Simplicity by Mimi G
Price: $2 USD on sale ($15 USD full price)
Sizing: XS-XL (30 – 48 in / 76 – 122 cm)
Style: Crew neck or v neck. Short or 3/4 sleeves. Henley placket option.
Thoughts: The sizing runs small. Otherwise solid view options (the only raglan/henley combo) and inexpensive if you grab it on sale.

Nico Raglan Pattern

Nico Raglan Tees from Jalie Sewing Patterns
Price: $13 CAD (approx. $9 USD)
Sizing: Boys (22 – 32 in / 56 – 81 cm) Men (33 – 50 in / 84 – 127 cm)
Style: Crew neck. Short, 3/4, or long sleeves. Includes both men and boy’s sizes.
Thoughts: A very popular pattern. If you are interested in boy’s sizing too, this is the best option.

Ryan Raglan Pattern

Men’s Ryan Raglan from 5 Out of 4 Patterns
Price: $10 USD
Sizing: XS – 6XL (30 – 69 in, 76 – 175 cm)
Style: Crew neck, v neck, or hood. Short, 3/4, or long sleeves with thumbhole cuff options.
Thoughts: More expensive that some other patterns, but also the most view options and the widest size range.

Sayward Raglan Pattern

Sayward Raglan from Thread Theory Designs
Price: $15 CAD (approx. $11 USD)
Sizing: XS – 4XL (36 – 50 in, 92 – 127 cm)
Style: Crew neck, short or long sleeves.
Thoughts: On the pricey side, but the drafting and instructions are guaranteed to be excellent.

*I am just one person, so in all likelihood I have missed some patterns. If so, please feel free to let me know and I will add them to this list!