McCall's 7900 View A

Hi! Today I have a short and sweet post for you, to go with a short and sweet little top. This is the M7900 pattern View A, sewn in a viscose voile from I was given this fabric in exchange for a blog post on, so I’ll keep the details here brief, but you can read my full notes and thoughts on this garment here.

Close up of McCalls 7900 sewing pattern, view A.

While I originally planned to use this fabric to make a long summer duster (what ended up becoming my Quince robe), this color was a little brighter than I expected. It was also too sheer to make a dress without lining it (which I didn’t have enough fabric for), so I decided to make this McCall’s top that has been on my sew list ever since it came out.

M7900 shoulder ruffle detail.

The cropped length means that it pairs nicely with a lot of my closet, while the ruffle detail on the sleeve cap gives my sunburn-prone shoulders some coverage. I was pleasantly surprised with how little fabric it took for my size (3/4 of a yard), which means I will likely sew it again to stash-bust other fabrics.

I was a good Miranda and muslined this fabric, but admittedly it was a slapdash effort. After it was sewn up, I went back to let out the side seams half an inch, and I also lowered the armscye half an inch. Unpicking and redoing a bias bound armhole is a PAIN, but I knew if I didn’t take care of it I would never (ever) wear the top.

M7900 top, before making fit changes.
pre fixing the side seams and armhole. Notice the drag lines across my ribs and how high the armhole seam sits in my armpit.

This pattern advertised multiple cup sizes which I was super excited about (no SBA!), until I discovered that the slash between “A/B” actually just means “B”. Why they do me like that?! There are bigger problems, I know—but the day I see an A cup advertised on a pattern that *actually* means an A cup, will be a happy day indeed.

Back view of M7900 sewing pattern. The length is too long and the fabric droops.

There’s also a bit too much length in the back of the bodice, as demonstrated by the droopy fabric above. This isn’t anything I can’t live it, but I will correct it on my next version. Otherwise, I’m really happy with this project, and I know it will get a lot of wear in the southern california heat!

Showing off the M7900 pattern, made in a viscose voile fabric from
can you believe I used to wear these pants to the office?! me either.

The Details:

  • Fabric: Viscose Voile, gifted from (1 yard, 53″)
  • Pattern: M7900
  • Size: 8, View A
  • Adjustments:
    • 2″ SBA
    • Armhole lowered 1/2″
    • Sideseam let out 1/2″
  • Total Cost: $6
    • $0 for the fabric (approx. $17 USD to purchase)
    • $2 for the pattern
    • $4 for buttons and notions