View A of Simplicity 8911
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I present . . . my sleep slack, aka Simplicity 8911! Is it a ridiculous garment to put on the internet? Yes. Do I love it dearly? Also yes. I was given this fabric in exchange for a blog post on, so I’ll keep the details here brief, but you can read my full notes and thoughts on this garment here.

Simplicity 8911, View A on a dress form.

Sometimes a pattern is so bizarre you can’t help but fall in love with it, and that was how I felt when I first saw the Simplicity 8911 pattern. It looks like it could be a Star Wars cosplay dress, and I’ll admit this might have been my justification in picking it up. But really, it looked decadently cozy, and I knew I belonged in it.

S8911, View A, Front View
S8911, View A, Front View

I sewed the dress in a straight XS, making no alterations except to change the neckline. Instead of using elastic binding which is what the pattern calls for, I went for v-neck because frankly, it just sounded more comfortable. I used the instructions and drafting from the Union St. Tee pattern, which are both great. The only tricky bit was determining the length of the self-ribbing, which should be 10-15% shorter than the neckline. I won’t complain though, because it’s good for this humanities brain of mine to do some Maths sometimes.

Simplicity 8911, View A, altered to have a v neck. Close up of v neck band.
Simplicity 8911, View A, Side View

This dress is so comfortable and one of my favorite things to wear on a lazy weekend. The only change I would make in hindsight is to add pockets. Normally, I am strictly anti-teardrop style pockets, but in the case of this dress there’s already so much fabric flopping around at the hips—who cares!? And if I could stash my cell phone or some snacks in this dress, that would only enhance my lounge days in the best possible way.

Simplicity 8911, View A, Front View
S8911, View A, Front View

The Details: